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Effective December 26, 2015 

Written by: The Medical Records and Tech Committee

  1. Mental Health Project

A needs assessment and clinic-wide screening has been conducted using the PHQ-9 (a mental health screening questionnaire), showing significant need for this project. With the help of Alexandra Sabella (PA student), we have now a protocol for the Mental Health Coordinator (MHC) position. The goal of this initiative is to improve and implement effective diagnostic tools for depression and guide physicians in the process of giving appropriate care in terms of available antidepressants, counseling resources, and specialty services to further treat depression or other serious mental disorders.
The MHC will keep track of PHQ9s and follow-ups to those patients who need the appropriate care. In the future, there will be an updated database to determine what improvements have been made with this system.

2. Diabetes Health Educator Project

Throughout the quarter, selected undergraduates have attended weekly classes to prepare for their position as future health educators.

Some of the things they have learned include:
o Pathology and treatment of Type II Diabetes
o Metabolic Syndrome
o Nutrition and exercise recommendations to offer patients
o How to interpret vital signs and write SOAP Notes
o Motivational interviewing and stages of change
We hope the individualized care by our health educators will encourage patients to make the necessary lifestyle changes and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.