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Our Services

Here at Clinica Tepati, we offer a wide range of services.

Mental Health

In collaboration with our preceptors, patients can schedule appointments for free counseling and request mental health information.


Through vouchers programs, we prescribe our patients medication and offer in-clinic supply of medicine like insulin at no additional cost.

Legal Aid

In collaboration with CRLAF, we offer patients confidential appointments with attorneys to answer any questions they may have.


We connect patients to outside services we don’t offer here in Tepati at a lower cost. Specialty services include EKGs, MRIs, X-Rays, Women’s Health, Dental and Optometry.

Health Education

We provide patients a catered HealthEd program to aid them along their journey for a healthy lifestyle. Our health educators provide one-on-one individualized health coaching to provide the necessary encouragement to patients to help them live healthy lives.


We offer appointments for diabetic retinopathy screening. With our retinal eye camera, we are able to screen our patients to provide an additional component to their holistic care. 


We hold bi-weekly dermatology specialty clinics during which our professional students can perform same-day skin procedures. By avoiding additional appointments and extensive wait times, we are better able to provide our patients with efficient care for a variety of skin conditions.


Our podiatry specialists help us provide the best preventative care we can to our most at-risk diabetic patients. Podiatry doctors and students come to Clínica to help patients successfully manage their diabetes and avoid foot-related complications. They teach patients how to inspect their feet daily and maintain proper foot health in light of their diabetes.


“Clínica Tepati’s volunteers are always so kind, and they helped me manage my diabetes.”
- Juan Lopez

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Clinic Address:

WellSpace Health Clinic

1820 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95817

(916) 209-0912

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Thank You to Our Donors

A special thank you to Prep Medico, LCF, and CAFCC for consistently donating to Clínica Tepati! 

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