Our patient population is dynamic in which many people come to the clinic in order to meet their diabetes maintenance and cardiovascular improvement needs. 27.4% of patient visits include diabetes maintenance, 22.1% for musculoskeletal, and 13.5% for cardiovascular needs. According to our 2018-2019 patient data collection, out of our 1035 patients who attended our clinic last year, 72.7% of our patients are within 40-70 years of age. What does this show? Many of these patients are mentors and leaders, either as mothers, grandmothers, fathers in their families and in their communities. It is important to strive for optimal care and ultimately have these patients live a healthy life.

Although an increasingly diverse group of patients seek and receive care at our clinic, the overwhelming majority of patients that we serve continue to self-identify as Latino/Hispanic. Spanish is the primary language spoken by the majority of our patients and we strive to maintain an open and comfortable environment for patients to express their needs.


Source: Clínica Tepati Annual Report, 2019

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