About specialty clinics: In order to provide a more holistic care for our patients, we open up our clinic for specialty services that our clinic does not offer. 


The Referrals committee was designed to connect patients to services not available on any given clinic Saturday. Specialty services include EKGs, MRIs, X-Rays, Women’s Health, Dental and Optometry. Patients are able to obtain access to these health resources at a lower cost from local medical professionals. For more information regarding this committee, please contact any of the Co-Heads, Johanna Bedoy (jobedoy@ucdavis.edu), Sheccid Torres (sstorres@ucdavis.edu) or Edgar Orube (eorubecordova@ucdavis.edu).

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Legal Aid Clinic

Legal Aid Clinic was started by a passionate undergraduate, Nori Dubon, who saw the need for a legal resource for our patients requiring legal consultation. About once a month, two attorneys volunteer their time to give free consultations to Tepati patients. For telehealth, we offer 30 minutes free consultations with an attorney. During the sessions, patients are able to ask anything without the fear of exposing their information or having to pay any money. If interested in receiving this aid, please call the clinic phone number at (916) 209-0912.

Podiatry Clinic

Clínica Tepati invites podiatrists and podiatry students into our clinic once a month to treat patients with chronic or acute injuries specifically to their feet. Patients are seen mostly by appointment and by walk-in basis if there are extenuating circumstances. Due to COVID-19, this service has been stopped till further notice. For more information about this service provided by our Podiatry Clinic, please contact the Executive Administrator, Diana Magana Martinez, at dmmaganamartinez@ucdavis.edu.

Fitness Class

Clínica Tepati’s “Teparti Time” fitness program was started by a past undergraduate, Kendall Frisoli, who wanted to provide our patients, especially those suffering from diabetes and hypertension, with some exercise techniques they could implement in their lives at home. This class is not only held with the intention of patients exercising when at clinic, but also to provide them with some tips that could be used when they return home; such as using water bottles as weights.

Due to COVID-19, in-clinic services have been stopped till further notice. For more information about the fitness class, please contact the Health Education committee Co-Heads, Yazmin Rodriguez at yrodriguezgarcia@ucdavis.edu and Ashely Covarrubias at acovarrubias@ucdavis.edu

Alzheimer’s Class

The Alzheimer’s class provides culturally competent information to patients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia, as well as for patients who have a family member suffering from these diseases. A licensed clinical social worker, Alexandra Weisberger, who is a representative for the Alzheimer’s Association, leads the class and answers any questions the patients may have in Spanish and English. For more information about the information provided during the class or scheduling questions, please contact Health Education committee Co-Heads, Victoria Villacorta at vmvillacorta@ucdavis.edu and Juan Novoa at jmnovoa@ucdavis.edu


The Pharmacy committee was developed to increase patient access to medication at a more affordable cost. Through various voucher programs, patients receive necessary medicine, such as insulin, at no additional cost. An in-clinic supply of diabetes maintenance equipment provides on-site support for diabetes healthcare. For more information about what medications are covered, please contact the Pharmacy committee Co-Heads, Aditi Venkatesh at avenkatesh@ucdavis.edu and Efrain Vasquez Santos evasquezsantos@ucdavis.edu.


Mental health committee is there to provide the support patients deserve. Thanks to our wonderful preceptors, patients can schedule appointments for free counseling and request mental health information. For more information, please contact Aylin Rojas at ammrojas@ucdavis.edu and Azucena Ramirez at azuramirez@ucdavis.edu. To schedule an appointment, call our clinic phone number at (916) 209-0912.

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