Clínica Tepati operates under a three part mission of healthcare, education, and advocacy. Clínica Tepati provides basic healthcare services and health education to the underserved Latino community. Undergraduate and medical students learn first-hand clinical experience in a respectful environment that fosters educational exchange and helps each student become a conscientious and compassionate individual. Additionally, Clínica Tepati provides both students and patients with positive Latino role models and mentors working as healthcare professionals. Finally, Clínica Tepati volunteers go beyond providing the standard of care by being advocates for recent immigrant patients, serving as both linguistic and cultural interpreters.


Clínica Tepati seeks to provide basic healthcare services to the underserved communities of Sacramento and its surrounding areas, including but not limited to health screening, health education, primary care and patient advocacy. These services are delivered in an atmosphere appropriate for the needs of the patients in a multilingual/multicultural setting. It is Clínica Tepati’s goal to provide the proper direction toward necessary fundamental changes in the current health care system.


The education of both our volunteers and patients is of utmost priority at Clínica Tepati. Our volunteers are given the opportunity to maintain contact with the community while gaining first-hand clinical experience that will aid them in their future professional endeavors. Volunteers learn sensitivity towards the needs of the underserved and learn what it means to serve underprivileged populations. Undergraduate volunteers are given the opportunity to shadow medical students who serve as teachers and mentors. Undergraduates are encouraged to ask questions, to delve into the science of medicine, as well as observe the art of providing patient-centered care. Similarly, medical students seek the guidance of volunteer preceptors who are familiar with the ailments and treatments of the populations we serve. Together, they develop an appropriate plan tailored for each patient. Throughout clinic Saturdays, discussion among volunteers and preceptors is encouraged and welcomed because it is only by learning how to provide the best possible care can we truly be able to do so. We seek to build a foundation for all our volunteers that will allow them to return to underserved communities because they have learned how to most effectively meet their needs.

The education of our patients is of even higher importance. Each Saturday, we provide informational classes to our patients to teach them how to lead healthier lifestyles, focusing on diet and exercise. We also seek to provide information on Covered CA eligibility by hosting workshops as well as one-on-one appointments. Similar services are provided for immigration questions through our law clinic. In this manner, we hope to educate patients on their rights and eligibilities. Ultimately, we are interested in providing a holistic education to our patients that seeks to empower them in all aspects of their lives.


The majority of our patients are recent immigrants who feel like they do not have a voice. It is our duty to be their voice. We work tirelessly to ensure that the struggles of our patients are understood and manifest to the general public, specifically in the Sacramento area. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising, lobbying, contacting local businesses and corporations, and reaching out to those in positions of power to effect change for our community. We are also advocates for the advancement of Latino physicians and healthcare professionals who will provide culturally-sensitive services to underserved communities. Our advocacy stems from the belief that healthcare is an inherent right for all people.

The Sacramento Bee recently published an article featuring Clinica Tepati, a past Chairwoman, Daisy Manzo, one of our past Officers, Jose Acosta, and one of our patients, Martha Placencia. The article highlights the need for future physicians that will continue to serve as advocates for the underserved Latino population. Check out the article in the link below!…/health-and-me…/article125960879.html

One of our past Executive Administrators, Michael (pictured), met with the deans, educators, and administrators of local colleges universities in Sacramento to collaborate on the development of the Sacramento City College STEM Equity and Success Initiative (SESI). This program will assist K-12 students in a pathway to college, including universities such as UC Davis and CSUS, and support community college and transfer students in earning their degrees. SESI aims to increase the number of Latino (including DACA and immigrant students) and low-income students in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. We are proud to be working with such a great program!


(Pictured: Michael Flores and Jim Collins, the Sacramento City College Dean of Science & Allied Health)

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